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National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS)


When you join Brampton Flower Club, you automatically become a member of NAFAS. The affiliation fee is included in your annual subscription.  This entitles you to go to all NAFAS events, your Brampton Flower Club Programme card acts as your NAFAS membership card.

NAFAS Diamond Card
This service is free to members. You will be able to to receive 'hot off the press' information directly by email. You will get advance notice of NAFAS events, training days, workshops and much more. First you need to register, ask our chairwoman Janet Dobie for an application form.

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NAFAS association

NAFAS is the nation's biggest flower association, with clubs country-wide. It is the umbrella organisation which trains our demonstrators. It has 55.000 members and has charitable status. There are 21 areas of NAFAS, our Club is in the East of England area. The East of England Area has 104 clubs divided into 5 groups, our club is in the Cambridge Group.

NAFAS East of England Area
Show at Wymondham 2014
photo Linda Otridge

NAFAS events

Local:  East of England Area and Cambridge Group events such as flower festivals and flower arranging demonstrations are displayed on our Club notice board and online.  We advise booking early for the Area Days.

National events:  annual competitive flower arranging show, Chelsea Flower Show exhibits, RHS show exhibits, educational workshops, photographic competitions, and much more. See links below.

International events:  NAFAS is affiliated to the World Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (WAFAS) which holds a triennial show in different parts of the world. 

'Flower Arranger' Magazine

'The Flower Arranger' Magazine,
published by NAFAS
photo NAFAS
NAFAS publish 'The Flower Arranger', a quarterly full colour magazine.  It is available to order by subscription from our Club,  It is also available in digital format from NAFAS.  If you are interested in subscribing we arrange these in October each year. 

NAFAS services include:

  • Online shop
  • Online tutorial videos
  • Training of speakers, judges, demonstrators
  • Publication of 'Insight' and 'The Flower arranger' magazines

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