Notes from the Treasurer


As we approach the end of another financial year for our club, it has been decided that subscriptions will need to rise by 10% to £37.50.

The cost of our demonstrators, theirs flowers and the cost of fuel has increased considerably and needs covering. However I think you will agree that for 11 meeting a year at less than £3.50 each,  we are still amazing value for money!

Subscription letters were handed out at the September meeting. Those that were not there will receive yours in the post in the next couple of weeks.  Payment is due from 1st October 2022.

Please email me if you have any problems:

Flower Arranger Magazines

Subscriptions are also due by the 28th October for the magazine.                                                      The price for 4 editions for 2023 will be £15

Forms will be available at the October meeting but if you cannot make the demonstration            please just put a cheque in the post to me or email me that you would like to do a BACS payment.

Christmas Workshop with Barbara Collins

Places for this workshop for members will be available at the October meeting.                       

There are only 20 slots and these will be allocated on a first come basis. The cost is £15.

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